Car Slams Into Pittsfield Reny’s 

Workers at the Reny’s in Pittsfield got quite a scare this morning when an out of control vehicle jumped the curb and smashed into the store front.Pittsfield police say that around 9:15 this morning an unidentified 78-year-old-woman lost control of her vehicle on Main street.The woman crossed the center line after turning right on to Main street and when she tried to avoid an oncoming car she accidently hit the gas instead of the brake. Her car jumped up on the sidewalk, ran into some merchandise in front of Reny’s, before slamming into the front door of the store. The car finally came to a stop after crashing into the signal light at the end of the street.The accident sent 3 people to the hospital including the driver of the car. “She went in for observation because the air bag deployed and because of her age too,” says Sgt. Timothy Roussin of the Pittsfield police, “and then a couple of the employees inside the building were hurt because they didn’t know if the vehicle was coming through the building or what so they were trying to get out of the way. Very minor injuries.”Tom Burr manages the Reny’s and says his Mother’s Day business wasn’t affected too much. “The only thing it affected was because it was Mother’s Day I decided to bring my crew in an hour earlier than normal to see if we could get more business,” says Burr, “because people like to get out earlier on Mother’s Day. So it affected my business that way but if I had brought my crew in at the normal time it would have happened before they were here.”Police say it’s unlikely any charges will be filed as a result of the accident.