Animal Cupboard in Frankfort 

Food cupboards across the state have been helping folks out in these tough times.Now a Frankfort woman is looking out for the animals too.Meghan Hayward has the story.” I volunteer for the Frankfort library and I kept hearing how families are having to surrender their animals because they weren’t able to feed them and I just decided to do something to help them out.”Rebecca Stewart is now running Miss Millie’s Cupboard in Frankfort.A pet-food cupboard for small animals.And the name has a unique tie to Stewart.” Miss Millie is my 2-year-old Chinese crest. She’s a hairy hair-less so to speak and everyone in town knows Miss Millie.”Stewart says her love for animals is what made her final decision to open the cupboard.And she’s happy she did.” They are usually very grateful that we’re able to help them out when they’re running a little low at the end of the month. I’ve been blessed several times. And they’re just glad to have a place like this where they can get some assistance.”The cupboard is running solely on donations.Stewart says Frankfort resident Paul Emerson has been a big help getting this going.” I go door-to-door and ask for support. So far the community has been amazing. I’ve gone all the way from Belfast to Bangor.”The cupboard is open every Saturday from noon to two and is located above the Frankfort Post Office.Stewart’s hope is in the future to be able to deliver pet food to the elderly in the Frankfort, Winterport and Hampden areas.If you would like to make a donation to the cupboard, Stewart says to drop off stuff at the Frankfort Library during it’s regular business hours.