Goat School 

Six years ago, the Spauldings saw a rising interest in goat farming, and started a hands on class where people can learn everything they need to know to raise and keep goats. This semester, about 100 people are coming for the class from 22 different states. They tell me goats are very picky animals, reassuring me they have no interest in eating suit jackets. Ken Spaulding says goats had a bad rap. He says, “People think that goats eat almost anything, and they really don’t. They taste things but they don’t eat everything.” He says, “They’re like chips. You can’t have just one. The reason is they’re very social animals.” The classes the Spauldings offer go beyond regular maintenance. They include things like breeding, medical problems, hoof trimming and tattooing. They say once someone takes the class the couple will be a resource for life.