Ellsworth Riding Stables Sold in Foreclosure Auction 

An equestrian center in Ellsworth has a new owner. The property has a troubled history that led to a foreclosure auction Friday morning.A handful of people showed up to place bids on this piece of land, but it was only a matter of minutes before it was decided.”401-thousand dollars going once, going twice and sold, 401-thousand dollars.”The auctioneer, lawyer Jim Modisette, represents Cindy Hagerthy. She owned this property before it was bought two years ago to be turned into a riding stable.Problems started when the buildings went up, but payments weren’t made. One of the business partners in that deal, Eric Murphy Jr., is scheduled for trial later this year, accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from investors.”They couldn’t make the payments, and my client was entitled to either take the property back or have a sale and that’s what happened,” Modisette says. “She will get paid, and the second lien will get a fair amount of money, and the liens that are down the line will unfortunately be extinguished. That’s what the foreclosure process does.”Although the sale was made, some people will never recoup what they put into this land.”For the people who lost the property, it’s terrible. And for the people in third and fourth position, it’s terrible,” Modisette says.For others, it was a forward-looking day. The new owner of the property is Sophia Pod, who tells us she’s happy to build a future with her family here, including her four children.”We love horses, so we decided to buy a horse farm and some land. We plan to bring some horses in and work with the community,” Pod says.Hagerthy says, given the options, it sounds like a good plan. “I think it’s a lovely use for the land,” she says, “and I wish her all the best.”