Investigation Finds Conflict of Interest in Brewer Land Sale 

The lawyer hired to investigate if any laws were broken when the Brewer Housing Authority purchased land from the former chairman of the board says there was a conflict of interest.The findings were presented Thursday morning to the Brewer City Council at a special meeting.Meghan Hayward has the story.Calvin Bubar was chairman of the Housing Authority Board until he resigned last Summer, the day before the purchase and sale agreement for his property on Chamberlain Street in Brewer was signed.Brewer city leaders became concerned there was a possible conflict of interest after learning the housing authority planned to pay Bubar 280-thousand dollars for the land, which was valued by the city for property taxes at 88-thousand dollars.James Cohen of the law firm Verrill Dana in Portland says their review found Bubar’s conduct quote “raises several potential violations of maine law that may merit further investigation or prosecution.””When there is a violation of the mis-use of information statute that is considered a Class E criminal offense.”The investigation took six months.”This has taken three months too long. This thing could have been over three months ago. You heard what he said, but they had trouble getting the information.”The report also revealed several tapes of recorded meetings by the bangor housing authority are missing.”We were aware that some of the tapes were missing of the critical meetings and that some of them were inaudible. You couldn’t hear, were real scratchy and that all leads to big questions I think.””And it now becomes a question for the council whether they feel based upon the factual information we’ve developed as well as our analysis whether it’s warranted to take any further steps.”Councilors voted to take more time to review the report before they make any decisions on how to move forward.