Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Business Expo 

Local businesses, who might normally compete for customers, came together Thursday.All for the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Business Expo.And it drew quite a crowd.All the booths were sold out and there were about 75 exhibitors and 8 free workshops.The workshops helped provide area entrepreneurs with ways to address some of their biggest problems.Organizers say there is something for everyone.This is the first time the expo has been held in awhile.” This is the first time we’ve had the business expo in about 4 or 5 years. We’re very excited that it’s sold as well as it has. We’ve got all kinds of exhibitors, floral bouquets to banks and how to get your business financed. There’s a lot here that you can really grab onto.”Organizers say they hope to be able to bring back the expo next year.