7th Graders From Cohen School Using Their Imagination To Get Ahead 

A group of 7th graders from Bangor are raising money to help get them to a global competition in Tennessee later this month. They’re showing their classmates how a little imagination has taken them a long way.The program is called Destination Imagination. The goal is to challenge students creativity, teamwork and imagination. The kids work in teams to solve a problem. They must present their solutions in the form of an original skit.This group of students from the William Cohen School in Bangor won the state competition in their category by creating a character who undergoes a profound personality change. “So in our play it’s based on pirates,” says 7th grader Katie Small, “we have a main character who’s name is Captain Sterling Silver and at the beginning he he’s greedy and he just wants all the treasure to himself.”Small’s teammate Joe Johnson picks up the story from there. “What we did was basically went from a mean, nasty person who didn’t really care about anybody else, to wanting friends and wanting to share with other people and wanting to do for others,” says Johnson, “and in the end he realizes that friendship is more important than having treasure.”This group, which includes 7th graders Small, Johnson,Emma Henry, Kylie Hawes, Ashley Talon, Abby Reynolds, and funny man Marcus Gosselin, has been competing together the past four years. “With each year we have more experience, so it’s easier to either make your props or come up with ideas,” says Emma Henry.Up next is the global finals in Tennessee. They’re trying to raise money for their trip through a series of fundraisers.They have a silent auction & ice cream social planned at the Cohen School this Friday from 6-8. A car wash at the Broadway Irving on Saturday, and a giant yard sale on Saturday, May 15th at the Cohen school from 8:00-4:00.Their hoping to come back to Maine with more bounty for their school’s trophy case.