UMaine Grad Student Raises Money, Awareness for Cystic Fibrosis 

For UMaine grad student Ashley Drew, every day is a struggle. She has cystic fibrosis and recently, she learned she needs a double lung transplant. Her foundation ‘Air for Ashley’ raises awareness of cystic fibrosis along with money for her medical expenses.After hearing Ashley’s story, the Maine football team jumped at the chance to help her foundation out.The best moment of saturda’ys maine spring football game wasnt a touchdown. It was ashley drew, a maine grad student with cystic fibrosis being carried on the shoulders of her favorite football team.I loved being on the shoulders. I’ve never really looked down at people before. it was nice.Her group ‘Air for Ashley” had a table set up and also gave out shirts.I’ve gotten financial and emotional support through all of this. People really want to come out and help.Now some of her biggest supporters are some of the biggest athletes at UMaine.Any way that we can support her and Maine Black Bear footballl is going to do anything it can to contribute to her hopeful recovery.As Ashley Drew waits for a donor, her motivation is as strong as ever.The support from the community has been absolutely incredible and I never knew people would really come together and help others out like this but we’re in Maine. I should have known they would do that.There is a facebook group called ‘Air for Ashley’ that has ways to help in the fight against cystic fibrosis. The most important thing Ashley Drew says you can do is become an organ donor and have that listed on your drivers license.To Donate:All Donations are being handled by Tom Drew’s employer”Air for Ashley”c/o Allied Home Mortgage360 US Rt 1 Suite 300Scarborough, ME 04074