Husson Students Jump In & Stop Knife Attack 

There was a stabbing at Husson University in Bangor today. A student was stabbed in what appears to have been a domestic assault. Witnesses say she would have been killed if not for the courage of some other Husson students who came to her rescue.Jesse Haladik and Heather Mann, two Husson students, were taking their morning walk when they heard some commotion and a cry for help. When they arrived in the parking lot in front of the O’Donnell commons they saw one of their classmates being attacked, police say by 45-year-old Horst Wolk of Bangor. “There was already another girl there, she was behind him trying to do something,” says Haladik, “I couldn’t really tell because I had missed the beginning and the victim was saying there’s a knife!”Mann went to call 911 and alert the campus authorities. Haladik and 4 or 5 other students were left to try and subdue the attacker. Haladik says her two brothers are in the military and they had taught her basic self defense. “So we just tried to put some stuff together and hit some basic pressure points and get the knife out of his hand,” says Haladik, “then he was on the ground and we were on him.”The students held Wolk down until campus authorities and Bangor police arrived on the scene. While the women were restraining him, witnesses say Wolk became so frustrated about not being able to get away, he beat his own head on the asphalt.The victim is recovering from her wounds at Eastern Maine Medical Center. Her accused attacker is in the Penobscot County Jail. He’s been charged with attempted murder, elevated aggravated assault, and violating a protection order.Mann says she’s relieved it’s all over. “It was really scary but I’m glad we got involved because I really think he would have killed her if we weren’t there. All of us we couldn’t have done it by ourselves.”Bob Kilpeck, director of campus safety and security, says they teach RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) classes every semester. Officials at Husson say they’re proud of these brave students. “The female students, they all banded together and they took care of themselves today,” says Kilpeck, “the community has taken care of themselves and we’ve got to be proud of them.”