Kennedy Announces UMaine Cuts 

University of Maine President Robert Kennedy announced Tuesday his recommendations on what academic programs should be cut.The suggestions would save more than 12-million dollars over three years.Meghan Hayward reports.UMaine President Robert Kennedy accepted most of the recommendations suggested by UMaine’s Academic Program Prioritization Working Group.The cuts will help reduce UMaine’s academic budget by 12 point 2 million over a three-year period, beginning next year.They include suspending several majors.”Starting with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, I am recommending suspending certain majors in graduate concentration namely in German, Latin, theater and women’s studies.”The cuts also include:Eliminating the Department of Public Administration.The reduction of music masters degree concentrations from five to two.Downsizing of the masters of arts in teaching program.eliminating bachelors degrees in aquaculture, wood science, forest operations, and forest ecosystem science.And consolidations in the college of engineering.kennedy also unveiled an 8-point plan he calls “UMaine 150” to make the school more financially sustainableIt includes a new division of health and biomedical science.”Definitely excited to see that he’s taking this negative opportunity and turning it into a positive and a chance to collaborate, create better programs and be more efficient on campus.”Kennedy also announced areas where the university will invest in the future, including online academics.”We appreciate the significance of expanded online education. Certainly for undergraduates. But especially at the graduate level and adult learners all across the state. And by moving more toward online education we feel it can be a significant revenue enhancement.”One student asked what they can do to stay involved.”President Kennedy’s response was really not what we were looking for. We heard you can advocate on behalf of the University. And quite frankly the students do that everyday. We’re here because we know we’re in a great place. We love Maine, we love the University of Maine. That’s a given.”Nate Wildes, who’s President of the class of 2012, still believes there are plenty of opportunities at the school.”This process is all about financial restructuring and as we structure programs to be more financially sound the bottom line will be beneficial to the student and I think that’s what it’s all about.”The board of trustees still must approve the recommendations.Kennedy expects a final plan to be in place by their January meeting.The link to Umaine’s website for a more complete list of the plan is below.