Former Home of Coffee Pot Sandwich Gone, Too 

The building in Bangor that was once home to the original Coffee Pot sandwich is now gone, too. Today crews tore down the Coffee Pot shop, near the corner of State and Boyd Streets. The building also included an old apartment.The Coffee Pot closed at the beginning of the year after nearly 80 years in business.Since then, lots of other places started serving their own versions of the famous Coffee Pot sandwich.Folks we talked to say it’s hard to say goodbye to another piece of Bangor history. Jonathan McGovern, a former Coffee Pot customer, says, “He should have left the building there for a like a museum piece or like a tour – that sort of thing – that people could do in Bangor so they could have something significant. So people could remember what’s there instead of having an empty spot.”The property was purchased by the Phillips-Strickland House and Boyd Place, which is a nearby housing complex for seniors.The executive director there says they plan to turn the open lot into a small park for residents at the complex.