Construction Resumes on Route 1A 

Now that the calendar has flipped to May many of us might be making plans for summer that include trips to the coast.If you have to to use Route 1-A to get there, you should be aware there’s a seven mile stretch in Dedham and Ellsworth where you’ll run into construction delays says Maine Department of Transportation Project Manager Ernie Martin. “It’s really starting up slowly. You see some work going on out there on the main line with reclaiming the pavement and the regrading. Most of the work done over the winter time was drainage and shoulder work and utilities got moved. Now they’re going after the main core of the road and working on that.”With trucks, graders and excavators working on the roadway, and blasting going on along the side, it’s inevitable delays will happen.”We are doing a pretty good job at controlling the traffic,” says Martin. ” But there will be backups and delays but obviously we’re trying to minimize these as much as possible. So if they do know they’re travelling to and from the Bar Harbor area or Acadia, they’re aware of other ways to get there.”Later on in this project, Martin says traffic will be rerouted. “As they progress, more and more work will be taking place and we have the detour that will probably happen sometime in July, August, September. We’re going to shut down a section of Route 1A to replace Gilpatrick Brook, the stream culvert, and we’re actually going to use Red Bridge Road for probably two weekends.”Until then, flaggers will alternate traffic, and the Martin wants everyone to be alert while driving this stretch of road. “Just be cautious and be aware that there are construction workers out there working and have some patience and realize that there are going to be delays through this stretch of road but basically just keep your eyes open and drive safely.”