Bangor Ladies Sew Dresses for Girls in Haiti 

Some women at Westgate Manor nursing center in Bangor are putting their sewing skills to good use. These experienced hands are keeping busy these days, making dresses for young girls in Haiti.”The only think I think we’ve bought is thread, don’t you think?” asks Christine Cummings. “That’s true, everything else was donated,” is the answer.These dresses, believe it or not, start as pillowcases. These ladies reconstruct them, adding personal touches and pretty embellishments.”Look at the lace here, isn’t that pretty,” Cummings says.”I think they’re going to be very excited,” says Eleanor Whitman.The effort is part of what’s called the “Princess Project” to deliver clothing to girls through orphanages in Haiti. A staff member at Westgate Manor found it online. Now both residents at the assisted living center and those in the adult day program, folks like Whitman, are putting needle to thread.”I’ve sewed for all of the years of my kids growing up. I’ve sewed for many, many years,” she says. “It makes me feel pretty good that I can do something for people that don’t have anything.””One of the great things we’ve been able to do here with our day program projects is to focus on things that give people a sense of purpose,” says Kristie Miner, adult day program director.Miner says these women appreciate knowing they’re doing something that will help someone else.”It’s a great opportunity for people to be social as well, and utilize skills that they’ve had in the past,” Miner says.These ladies tells us they’re glad to be able to use those skills, especially if it’s to help some little girls in a time of need.