Nokomis Students Get To Work At Circus 

Some high school students from Newport rolled up their sleeves and got to work this weekend at the Bangor Auditorium. It’s the fifth year Nokomis high school has brought students to work at the circus in bangor.Students sold cotton candy, snow cones, and other circus souvenirs. Members of this years graduating class are using the money they earn to help pay for project graduation. Freshmen from Nokomis were also on-hand helping out and raising a little money for their class. The JROTC from the school earned some money to help support their group.Organizers say the students worked hard this weekend but also managed to have a little fun. “We have them in nice bright shirts so we as chaperones, we have 5 or 6 chaperones here at all times, we can look up into the the stands pick out where our kids are and make sure they’re busy,” says Coordinator Dawn Hale, “and looking around you can see they’re always busy, always moving and selling stuff and hopefully very nice and polite representing warrior nation, which is Nokomis, very well.” most of the students were at the circus working all weekend…organizers say they’re already planning on bringing a group fo students back to the auditorium next year.