Church Comes To The Aid Of Woman In Need 

A local youth group at the Bangor First Church of the Nazarene held a fundraiser today. They’re goal? Raising enough money to help a local woman replace her ailing dog. But replacing this particular dog is proving to be a challenge. Josie White counted on her dog Hunter to do a variety of things for her. Josie lives with cerbal palsy and Hunter helped her manage her day to day life. “He helped me open and close doors. When I fell he would go fetch the phone for me, open and close drawers, help me do laundry he would drag the basket into the living room,” says Wells. Hunter developed a neurological problem that weakened his hips and caused him to collapse. Josie realized she could no longer care for him and she gave him away to a family that could provide the necessary care. That meant she needed to find a new dog to help take care of her. “I had him for 6 years so I was pretty attached to him,” White says.Valene Whitty is one of the young parishoners that gives Josie rides to church every Sunday. “I was bummed because we’re pretty close with Josie and Hunter,” says Whitty, “it’s hard to find a well trained dog, he’s just very lovable and he’s been at our house a few times. I got to know him really well so I was sad that he wasn’t going to be here anymore.”The cost of a new service dog like Hunter is around $20,000. A national non-profit that specializes in service dogs told Josie if she could raise $1000 they would out in the additional $19,000 and she could get her new dog. After hearing the news Josie’s friends at the church, led by Valene Whitty and her family, sprung into action organizing this spaghetti supper with all the proceeds going towards getting josie her new dog.Jeremiah Mutty is the youth group organizer at the Bangor Church of the Nazarene. He says Whitty first approached him about Josie’s situation three weeks ago. “She had first hand knowledge of the situation with Josie and her service dog having to retire,” says Mutty, “she thought it would be a really good idea if we did something and we’ve done a really good job getting it together in three weeks so i’m pretty excited.” Kaitlyn Stevens is a member of the youth group that organized the spaghetti supper. “It’s definitely really awesome to be able to help another member of our church,” says Stevens, “it’s really awesome to all those people come together to help her out.” At the end of the day the spaghetti dinner raised nearly $1200 was raised, more than enough to get Josie her new helper. “As far as the dog goes I don’t care what it looks like you know as long as it meets my needs than I’m more than willing to have him,” says White.