Clowns Give Lesson in Fun at Parkside 

There’s sure to be lots of clowning around this weekend in Bangor, since the circus is in town. Lots of kids can’t wait, especially after they met some clowns during a special, up-close and personal visit this morning.”All morning this morning, they’re like, are the clowns here yet? Are the clowns here yet?”Finally, the clowns arrived at Parkside Children’s Learning Center, for a visit complete with balloons, big red noses and little hot dogs.”I like how their nose squeaks and they’re funny at the circus,” says 5-year-old Abi.This year, the kids are getting a special chance to see how a clown becomes a clown. Teacher Brandi Lyons says seeing the transformation helps all the little ones join in the fun.”That way, the children realize they’re just people and they’re not as scared about the whole make-up thing,” she says.Depending on the person, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to hours to go from regular funny guy to full-on clown. Each face is unique, as is every costume, from top, to bottom.”We get to play with kids, we get to play with adults and it’s just fun. We get to have fun and that’s really what it’s all about. To make people smile,” says David Small.Small, also known as “Squiggles,” has a daughter at Parkside who couldn’t be happier about her father’s alter ego. She might even follow in his big, floppy footsteps.”She’s already got her clown name her costume and everything. She absolutely loves it,” he says.These children soon realized, these clowns are just grown-up kids.”He is on my refrigerator because he is my favorite.”By the end, even those who were a little timid at first were able to join in the smiles.”It’s kind of fun to see grown-ups acting funny.”