Thrifty Mom Walks Us Through Goodwill and Finds Big Savings 

With a tough job market, wage freezes and overall tough economic times, folks are having to be a bit wiser when shopping.For some, that means shopping at a thrift store.Chelsey Anderson continues with part two of her special report on Thrifty Families.The folks at Goodwill say sales in New England are up 12% in the last year and the Bangor store is definitely seeing an increase in product movement.Shirley Hall: “Well, we put out over 22,000 items every single week. So there’s a lot of stuff to go through a lot of opportunities for the customers to get good deals.”Shirley says some people come in everyday, and the associates really get to know the regulars.Shirley Hall: “Which is great. We see a lot of repeat customers.”Like Deb Diehl. She loves a good deal.Deb Diehl: “I mean that, ha, that’s awesome! It’s a good feeling too! To find a good deal and not have to pay much for it.”Deb says the economy has made thrifty shopping more of a necessity for her family, but also it just makes sense.Deb Diehl: “It’s hard times for everybody, including myself, and I like to shop. I have a 10 year old who loves to shop and loves brand name clothing and it’s expensive to shop at the mall. So if you have a little time, you can go through the racks and find a variety of clothes and pick and choose. And it works!”Deb is a proud Grandma-to-be.”My heart belongs to Grandma!” (chuckles)And she’s certainly using her thriftiness to stock up on baby goodies.Deb Diehl: “If I find a good deal, you know, I’ll put it away. Come fall and winter I’m all set!”(Gasp!) “Love it! Might not fit her for awhile.” “These are Old Navy. Those are cute! Hee hee! I’ve bought things for her that were up to size four already.”Deb says she learned to be shopping savvy from her Dad, and is passing that on to her daughter.Deb Diehl: “She likes nice things, but she’ll look and look and look until she finds a good deal and then when she does, she feels so good!”Deb has a little advice for everyone when it comes to Goodwill’s colored barb system.Deb Diehl: “You can kind of figure out what colored barb is going to be for the following week because it usually stays the same. Come first thing in the morning, you can pick up those things at half price!”One last tip.Deb Diehl: “Spend your money on those more important things, you know, your needs.””Is that going to be it?” “That’s it.” “$18.33” “Under 20 dollars! Look at all those clothes!””Thank you very much! It was a good day! Hee hee!”Shirley says if you’re going to Goodwill, you should plan on spending an hour to three hours to take your time to see what’s really at the store.She also says Sunday is the day when color barbs are switched over, so it’s best to shop sooner in the week than later.