Thrifty Families Consign at “Growing” Store to Make Extra Cash 

In this economy, businesses are closing every day.Folks are looking for any way to make a little extra cash.For some, that means selling their clothes. Not online, but through consignment shops.And consignment shops are popping up all over. One place in Bangor has even opened a second shop.Not only is the business making money for the owner, but also for the thrifty folks who sell there. Chelsey Anderson joins us with part one of her special report on Thrifty Families.It’s a bargain basement without department store prices.A collection of clothes, gadgets, furniture and accessories that someone else paid top dollar for.The Growing Place in Bangor is all about growing. They have items for your child as they grow, and their business is growing too. They’ve done so well with their Hammond Street location, they’ve opened another store on Broadway. That store features a new women’s section.Adrienne Chandler, Owner of the Growing Place: “It’s been such a wonderful success. After Moms are finished with their maternity wear and their bigger clothes, they have been so excited to continue to shop and find some really classy, trendy clothes.” Owner Adrienne Chandler feels lucky to have a thriving business in a poor economy. But there’s a reason she’s succeeding. Items here cost less. Adrienne Chandler, Owner of the Growing Place 2 “If you bought a brand new Tommy Hilfiger dress, say for 90, we would probably sell it for around 30.” The reason this kind of deal exists is people bring items here to sell. Vanessa’s little girl: “Well all of the toys here are awesome!”The Growing Place has as many as 5,000 consigners. People like Vanessa Young and Robyn Straubel. They’ve been selling for five years.Vanessa Young, Consigner: “It’s great because not only does it help you be thrifty, but it helps you reduce clutter at the same time. Because as you finish things, you bring them in and get the store credit and then you’re able to turn around and buy the things you now need.”Robyn used to hold yard sales, but she felt it was a lot of work for a quarter an item.Robyn Straubel, Consigner: “Here you just bring it in and she does the work and I get the money. So I love it! I can’t imagine, I’d probably never have another yard sale!” She and other consigners at the Growing Place get up to 50% of the sale price.Robyn Straubel, Consigner: “I get a $20 check all the time. Sometimes I get a 70 or 80 dollar check and I didn’t do anything. I did what I would have done anyway.”Adrienne Chandler, Owner of the Growing Place: “I like to call it eco-chic. Because all of us have a tendency to over buy and this is such a good way to not only clean out our spaces and make room, but also benefit our family bottom line.”It only takes a little time to go through the house and clean up the things that aren’t being used anymore. Robyn Straubel, Consigner: “It’s not that hard, and it’s worth it for me.”If you plan on getting in on the action, remember, you want to sell items people want, so make sure you only put forward items that are in good condition. In part two of this series we’ll head to the Goodwill Store, where sales have soared over the past couple years, and we’ll shop along side a thrifty mom.