Kentucky Derby and the Bangor OTB 

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend. It’s horse racing’s biggest stage. It’s the first leg of the Triple Crown and Tim Throckmorton has found a way to try to get a piece of the action locally.Not everyone can get to the Kentucky Derby but it is such a big event that an awful lot of people watching it want to get involved in it. If you do, you can come here to the off track betting site at Bangor Raceway. The handle picks up when you get to the Derby. There is some people that come here a lot but once one of the prime races come up in the Triple Crown, you must see a lot of different people come here.Once a year you’ll get the crowds that have never been here before it’s our biggest day of the year we expect to handle about 70 thousand dollars so it’s going to be a big day, our biggest day. Lookin At Lucky has been made the early 3-1 favorite for the Kentucky Derby, with Sidney’s Candy as the second choice in a full field of 20 horses. Lookin At Lucky drew the No. 1 post. Sidney’s Candy drew the outside No. 20 post.You actually have your own racing here with the pacers and the trotters coming up.May 11th, we’re going to be starting and our opening day is going to be May 15th with the Bud Cianchette dedication.I come down here every Kentucky derby and put down a two dollar bet and I’m going to get my mom a ticket as well. There’s my gift for the year. From Bangor Raceway, we’re having a lot of fun here and you will too. Come down and check this place out.Tim Throckmorton, WABI TV5 Sports.