Bangor Standpipe Lights to Dim in Honor of Kay Lebowitz 

The lights of a Bangor landmark will go dim Friday night in memory of another shining light in the city. Kay Lebowitz, a former state representative, Bangor mayor and long-time troop greeter, died Monday. She was 94. In memory of her, the lights of the Thomas Hill Standpipe will be turned off for 94 seconds as a part of a candlelight memorial. The event, which was organized by city councilor Cary Weston, starts at 8 p.m. at the standpipe.Everyone’s welcome and encouraged to wear something that reminds them of Lebowitz, like a broach or pearls or the color pink.Funeral services for Lebowitz are at 1 p.m. Friday at Brookings-Smith Funeral Home in Bangor.Police expect a lot of traffic at the standpipe Friday night, so some special parking will be in place. For more information, see below.From Bangor Police Department:1) We will post Thomas Hill Road (from Ohio Street) as one-way and post the left side of the street “no parking” and allow vehicles to park on the right hand side of this street only. A barricade will be placed at the top of the hill, near the standpipe lot, which will prohibit vehicles from exiting this area onto Ohio Street. 2) We will allow traffic to move in both directions on Thomas Hill Road (off of Union St), Highland Avenue and the other adjoining streets. At the intersection of Thomas Hill Road and Highland Avenue, we will put a barricade and a “no traffic beyond this point” sign and not allow traffic to move into the standpipe parking area from this direction. It appears that there is ample on-street parking in this area and we will not need to restrict parking on either side of the street. 3) We will also post no parking signs along the curve in the road on Ohio Street (in-bound), near the entrance to Hilltop Daycare in order to prevent any potential hazards from cars having to go into the other lane on this blind curve in order to get around parked cars.