School Supplies Being Sent to Iraqi Children 

Some students at Husson University put together a rock concert with an unusual admission fee.As Meghan Hayward tells us, it was a success and some children overseas will soon benefit from it.A concert was held last Friday, where admission was school supplies instead of money.The Rock the School Concert was part of a campus-wide effort at Husson University to collect supplies for Iraqi students.NESCOM student Mike Goulart served in Iraq.”I received information from my unit that recently deployed back to Iraq and they mentioned to me that there is no school supplies for the local school where we use to walk through.”After receiving the news, Goulart sprung into action.”I was extremely happy with the response we had. I came up with the idea and I wasn’t exactly sure what to do as far as one person doing it. So I contacted the PRSSA Chapter at NESCOM and they helped me out with planning out the posters and just getting the word around.”From there, more people jumped on board.”When giving back, just one will give them a smile but to be able to give them so much is going to give them an opportunity in their later lives. So it’s a great feeling.””It helps others to achieve their academic goals overseas because successful students are the great tool to create brand new environment and this is exactly what Iraq needs at this moment.”They raised more than one hundred dollars and collected about 50 pounds of school supplies.And this project isn’t a one time deal. They hope to continue it in years to come.”I’ve seen these children walk around with the same t-shirt, same shorts and no footwear on their feet. Barely anything to eat and I figure if we can do something about it here for them over there why shouldn’t we?”