Old Town Students Get Important Message About Distracted Driving 

It’s something that most teenagers can’t wait to get, their driver’s license.But when they’re behind the wheel, they face a lot of distractions, everything from cell phones to the radio.Some students from Old Town High School got a heart felt message today, to encourage them to keep their eyes on the road.A driver’s license for a teen spells freedom.”Just being able to drive somewhere by myself and not be dependent on my parents.”But today’s teens also are faced with a lot of decisions while behind the wheel, should they talk on the phone, or text.”Texting seems a little crazy having to type up a message while you’re concentrating on the road”Several of the sophomores here at Old Town High school say they’ve seen their friends get distracted while behind the wheel. Hopefully this presentation will make a difference.”Just not enough driving experience caused my daughter her life.”This is Tina Philbrick. Her daughter Lindsey Almenas was pulling out of a driveway back in 2005. Her boyfriend Ryan Worcester was a passenger. Their car was struck by a cement truck and they both died.”If we could just get our message across to be safe and make smart decisions our job is done.”Lindsey’s aunts and mother joined forces with folks from Liberty Mutual and the principal here at Old Town High where Lindsey once attended, to encourage kids to pay attention while on the road. They plan to do this every year.They hope it not only keeps Lindsey’s memory alive, but might just save a life.”If I could say one thing to impact your life in any way, I would say I miss my daughter so much. I’d do anything to have her back. Enjoy your lives and remember your decisions not only impact your life but the lives of everyone involved. One mistake could potentially change your family’s lives forever. Thank you and please be safe.”