Florida Man Who Claimed To Have Dynamite On Flight Appears In Court 

A man from Florida who caused a plane from Paris to Atlanta to land in Bangor yesterday remains in the Penobscot County jail tonight.27-year-old Derek Stansberry appeared in federal court just a couple of hours ago.Stansberry is charged with intimidating a flight crew and making false statements about possessing explosives.The passengers on board that plane finally took off this afternoon for Atlanta after spending the night in Bangor.According to court documents, former U.S. Air Force member Derek Stansberry passed a note to a flight attendant, saying he was not an american citizen, he was traveling illegally, and his passport and identity were fake.The note was given to Federal Air Marshals on board who took stansberry into custody.Marshals say he told them he had dynamite in his boots that were in his backpack and a pressure switch would detonate the explosives and there were explosives in his laptop.Marshals searched Stansberry’s bag and laptop, but found no explosives.Authorities say he told them he was in possesion of classified documents. He feared passengers on board had followed him and he made up the story about the explosives to divert attention.Marshals say Stansberry admitted to taking some sedatives, but not while on the flight.Stansberry’s court appearance today was brief – just about 10 minutes. He was sent back to jail, pending a mental competency hearing.