Florida Man Seated Next To Stansberry On Delta Flight Speaks About Ordeal 

TV 5 spoke with the Florida man who was seated next to Derek Stansberry, the man authorities say made a false bomb threat on the trans-atlantic flight that landed in Bangor yesterday.Tim Lazaga was on his way home from Cyprus. He says 26-year-old Derek Stansbury was seated next to him on the plane. At first, Stansberry’s behavior didn’t seem strange to him, but that changed about three hours into the flight. “When I was kind of waking up, I saw that he was passing notes to the stewardess and I was kind of watching the dynamics and I was kind of watching everything going on with the stewardess and I saw something was up,” says Lazaga.Stansberry’s behavior not only caught Lazaga’s attention, but other passengers were getting concerned. “And then a guy came and asked him how he got through security and he basically said he had a fake military I.D. and he was able to get through security with that,” says Lezaga.Lazaga says as they continued to talk, he became fearful Stansberry might do something drastic. He showed Stansberry pictures of his wife and children in an attempt to get through to him. “I took a picture out and I just said, I miss my kids, I miss my wife, I can’t wait to get back and see them. I showed him, you know, and he said, oh you have three kids and he said it in french, in like a french dialect. I said excuse me, oh you have three kids and I said yeah and I looked him in the face and I said, am I going to see them today? And he shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t say yes, he didn’t no.”When the plane touched down safely in bangor, he thought immediately of his family waitng for him in Florida. “I can’t wait to see them. As soon as I touched the ground, I had the cell phone out and called my wife right away. I was very excited.”