Women Building Futures Graduation 

Some new female graduates are looking to break-in to a profession that has always been predominately run by males.Tuesday was the first graduation of the Women Building Futures Program.The program consists of 160 hours of construction basics.And let’s incarcerated females learn a trade.These graduates can now be a carpenter’s helper, use power tools and pound a nail correctly.Organizers say they hope the new graduates leave the program with more self confidence.” I think just believing in themselves that they can complete something. Some of them haven’t finished anything they don’t feel like they’re worthy and they can finish things. They just wanted to be here everyday. They wanted to finish this shed particularly and show it off. They want to do more with their lives than what they’ve done in the past.”” I’m a little anxious to see what it’s going to be like. It’s something new for all of us who have taken the class. But I really have a passion for the construction it’s something I plan on staying in so I guess it’s nervous but I can’t wait to get out there.”The Major League Baseball players have provided their support for the graduates too.Through a grant, they provided each student with a set of construction tools, work belts and work boots.