Local Racer Dies in Garage Accident 

A Stetson man has died, after what police are calling a sad accident.Officials say a 49-year-old Gary Bellefleur was working on a racing vehicle in his garage late Monday night when the car came off its stand and pinned him underneath. One of the man’s family members discovered what had happened Tuesday morning.Penobscot County Sheriff Sgt. William Sheehan says “I believe he was weighing the car on scales when it rolled off the platform and came down on top of him.”Bellefleur was a well-known racing enthusiast. He participated in many racing events including the Pro All-Stars Series, over the last 28 years. Bellefleur also was a track announcer at the Unity Raceway.Although Bellefleur did not race this last year, he was planning on getting back to the track this coming racing season.