City Council Discusses Allowing Left Turns Stillwater Intersection 

You can’t leave the interstate and turn left onto Stillwater Avenue in Bangor, but that could change. The Bangor city council is holding court on that tonight.The intersection, just off of I-95 in Bangor, is causing frustration for local buisness owners and their customers. The problem? No left turns. Business owners on that side of Stillwater say it makes things difficult for them, their customers, and even delivery drivers. Kathy Wadleigh is the owner Paper & Clay and she says the intersection makes it difficult for her customers who aren’t familiar with Bangor to find her. “It’s hard for us to give them directions from the Broadway exit,” she says, “it would be much easier for them to take a left turn at the exit and just come a half mile or a mile to get to us.”Forest Grant is the owner of 304 Stillwater Avenue Furniture. He says the intersection makes life particularly difficult for delivery drivers. “The place is tight enough as it is then you put 2 or 3 18-wheelers in there especially around Christmas time and by the time they get to my store they’re ready to burn the store down,” says Grant.Not being able to turn left leaves drivers with two options. They can make an illegal left turn on to Stillwater Avenue or take a right and try to find a place to turn around.Jeff Leadbetter, owner of Leadbetter’s Community Stores, thinks the left hand turn would be less dangerous. “That adds to the cluster quite a bit,” Leadbetter says, “they do try to take a right and go into the mall then they gotta turn right quick around and come back.”Forest Grant has contacted the city council and the state officials and isn’t totally satisfied with the response. “Everything is a process,” says Grant, “I guess we’re all familiar with that word. Of course money now is an issue. They spent all their money doing it wrong to start with now they don’t have any money to make it right.”But does grant think the problem will eventually be fixed?”Well I think in time. This isn’t gonna happen overnight I realize that. As a matter of fact I might even be dead by the time it happens. However somebody will be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor I would hope.”