Arbor Day Celebration in Bangor 

Monday is Arbor Day in the City of Bangor and it also is the fifth anniversary of the city being designated Tree City USA.To honor that, the city along with students and teachers at the William Cohen School on Garland Street planted 11 new spruce trees lining the road near the school.The kids came from the student council and from the Voices of Change group in the school.The trees were placed in the holes by members of the city’s foresty division and the kids shoveled in dirt and surrounded them with mulch.They hope that these trees will show future students their commitment to the school and the city, said Student Council President Brendan Moore. ” I think these trees will stand as a symbol of the dedication of the students here at Cohen so when we see them ten years from now, 15 years from now, whenever, when we graduate high school we’ll see these and we’ll know that we had very dedicated students here at Cohen and we still will and this is just the kind of stuff that we want to do for our community.”The trees came from the city’s nursery.National Arbor Day is this Friday April 30th.