Tax Hike in Rockland 

City leaders say Rockland will see a significant change in the budget for this year – which means more money out of taxpayers pockets. City Manager Rosemary Kulow says the proposed spending for city operations is up one point 7 percent to 11-million dollars.But the loss of more than 500-thousand dollars in state revenue sharing means the additional money will need to come from property taxes.Kulow says the projected jump in Rockland’s payments to Regional School Unit 13 means that the tax rate may go up up six percent.Under that change, a homeowner with property assessed at 150-thousand dollars will pay an additional 158-dollars in taxes.”It’s a very hard economic time for everyone and we really don’t want to increase the burden to them for their public services but if we really need to evaluate the kinds of programs that we’re offering and the kinds of services we’re offering we do have to do that at this time because of those decreased state revenues but it’s very important to hold the line as much as we possibly can.”The proposed budget was distributed to councilors last week.The council will review the various accounts starting next week.The budget is scheduled to get a final okay June 16th.