Self-Serve Dog Wash in Rockland 

A dog boutique in Rockland has added a new service to the business.As Meghan Hayward tells us, it makes bath time more convenient for dog owners.Rub a dub dub, one dog in a tub.That’s just what you’ll find at the Loyal Biscuit Company in Rockland.They’re offering a dog wash.” When the dog comes in we have the stairs for the larger dogs or the smaller dogs can be lifted into the tub. We’ve got temperature controlled water. Rinse them down and get them wet. We have several different shampoos to choose from and it comes right out of the nozzle onto the dog. Scrub them all down, we have brushes and everything to rinse that off. We have a blowdryer too.”They say it’s a service that takes away the hassle of washing your dog at home.” It’s a dirty mess in your own tub and once you’ve cleaned your dog you’ve now go to lcean your bathroom or tub area.”Another advantage to bring your four-legged friend to the dog wash is the bonding time you get with your pet. ” It’s you doing it which is great. Versus having someone the dog doesn’t know at all groom the dog. Especially for a dog that is timid in water and bathing.”The service is easy on the wallet too. ” Small dogs are 14 dollars and bigger ones are 16 dollars and dogs with thick coats are 18 dollars.”Walk-ins are welcome and if your dog doesn’t do well around other animals they’ll let you bring your pet to the dog wash before or after store hours.The dog wash has only been open for a week and already serviced about 25 dogs.And they say the feedback has been great.” Both the people that have used it and the interest in it. A lot of people walk in and see it and are excited to try it out on their dogs.”