Dave King Returns as Hampden Academy Track Coach 

Local high school track and field teams are getting ready for the first meet of the PVC outdoor track season. The meet begins at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon at Cameron Stadium in Bangor. The Hampden Academy boys outdoor track team is the reigning champs in the PVC. One new change is a familiar friend, Dave King. He retired from coaching in 2003 after 29 years as the Hampden Academy track coach. Now he’s back to guide the Broncos. The history teacher has a few reasons why he came back.Dave King – Hampden Academy Track Coach”Part of it is I think the fish population was getting depleted because of me having the off time to fish and I decided to get away from that. The kids are still fantastic. The little problems like jewelry rules and uniform rules are still with us but nothing has really changed. The coaches are great to work with and the kids are great.”