Big First Day for Bangor Garden Show 

Bangor’s Garden Show is back and it was a big start for the first day of the event.People packed the Bangor Auditorium to see the gardenscape displays and take a peek at what the more than 50 vendors have to offer this spring.The show returned after taking last year off due to financial issues.Organizers have a weekend planned full of live demonstrations, covering rain gardens, beekeeping, composting and more. Bob Bangs from Windswept Gardens says it seems all the exhibitors went above and beyond with their gardenscapes this year.”Which is kind of neat because there are eight different exhibits the exact same size and same shape, but they’re all different. So it’s like a variation on a theme, I think it’s great,” Bangs says.The show runs until eight o’clock tonight at the Bangor Auditorium. Saturday, they’re open from ten to eight. On Sunday, the show runs from eleven to four.Prices are reduced this year, it costs five dollars at the door. For schedules of demonstrations and more information, you can log on to