Security Helps Traffic Flow through New Coffee Pot Cafe 

A new sandwich shop in Bangor is drawing so many customers, it’s literally stopping traffic. The crowds outside the Coffee Pot Café have forced a neighboring bank to hire help to keep drivers moving. Meghan Hayward explains.Wayne walls is working security.But not for the kind of work he is use to.” No believe me. I was here Monday and it was horrendous.”Walls was hired by Bangor Savings Bank to help the flow of traffic at the branch on Broadway in Bangor.Since the Coffee Pot Cafe opened up next door the traffic through the lot has picked up tremendously.Customers trying to get their hands on the sandwiches are even backing up along the road. ” All you have to do is we ask them whether they’re going to the bank. If they’re going to the bank we shoot them on through and if they’re going to the Coffee Pot then we instruct them to park out back or on the side over here behind me.”Bangor Savings Bank officials say they believe things are going smoother this week.Before bank customers were having a difficult time finding a parking spot.They also say they are happy to have the Coffee Pot Café as a neighbor and wish the new owners success.Walls says the extra effort to keeping traffic under control is important.” I think right now yes. Until everything gets ironed out and then probably people will start dragging their feet as to when they’re coming in. They’ll start alternating their times coming in to pick up a sandwich or whatever.”And walls says for the most part, folks have been patient.” Only 2 or 3 of them probably during the day will get irritated that they’re being held up in line but most people are pretty good.”