Orrington Residents to Vote on Holtrachem Cleanup 

Orrington residents will vote on Friday on whether to overturn their selectmen’s decision regarding the clean-up at the former Holtrachem site.The site contains mercury and other toxins.Last month, selectmen voted to support a clean-up and management plan proposed by the company that’s now responsible for the property.The state favors a more extensive plan.Town manager Paul White says some people in town feel they weren’t properly represented by the selectmen’s decision, which is why it’s now going to a public referendum.White tells us it’s hard to gauge where most residents stand on the long-running issue. “We have certainly heard some opposition to the selectman’s decision,” Said White. “But that opposition hasn’t been overwhelming. There are certain individuals that are upset with the decision but I think when the vote is done, you’ll find support for that decision, support for the selectmen.”The ultimate decision on the issue lies with the board of environmental protection.White says he’s not sure if Friday’s vote will have much of an effect with the board’s decision, since the time for public testimony for the state has passed.But it could send a message to the company in charge of the property.