McGowan Announces Great Maine Forest Initiative 

A man who wants to be our next Governor announces his plans for the Great Maine Forest Initiative.Democrat Patrick McGowan chose to make the announcement on Earth Day because he says his vision would help to create green jobs for our state.The initaitve calls for conserving our state’s forests for wildlife, recreation and economic development.McGowan says that it will also support Maine’s paper mills, protecting those jobs.Plus he says the forest offers new opportunities for our future. He says many new ideas are developed at the University of Maine Pulp and Paper processing Center.McGowan toured the facility Thursday, and pointed to the fact that research developed there lead to a real life application at the Old Town Fuel and Fiber mill, creating 200 jobs. “The Old Town Mill was closed and opened and closed again and re-opened with some very new energy and new vision. They are going to make cellulosic ethanol at the Old Town Mill. They are going to make jet fuel out of trees.”McGowan says his Great Maine Forest Initiative also aims to reduce Maine’s dependency on fossil fuels, and maintain public access for recreational opportunities.