Bangor Federal Credit Union Celebrates Ending Hunger in Maine Campaign 

The folks at Bangor Federal Credit Union held their annual Ending Hunger in Maine celebration Thursday.The credit union handed out almost 12-thousand dollars to the community.The bank branches have fundraised for the campaign throughout the past year.And were able to give money to 7 organizations.The Good Shepherd Food Bank was the biggest recipient, receiving over 5-thousand dollars.”It’s something that we all put our hearts into to end hunger in Maine. No family, no child should ever have to go to bed hungry in Maine.”” This will feed thousands of people. Good Shepherd is a provider of food, we’re just the suppliers. But we supply enough food to feed 36,000 people a week. And this will go a long way to feed a number of people in this general area.”Organizers say they can’t wait to do the campaign again next year.