Thursday’s Child: Noel, Jeff, & Jon 

Meet Noel, Jeff and Jon…siblings who are waiting for their forever home! Ideally, these three siblings will be placed in the same home. Noel, the oldest of the three children, was born in December of 1997. Noel loves to dance, especially while listening to her favorite group, the Jonas Brothers. She does well in school, enjoys cooking and is friendly and helpful. She enjoys dressing up and presenting herself appropriately. She would like to be adopted by a Christian family that will take her to church. When struggling, Noel will tell you she would like some time alone in her room and the adults around her to remind her to use the skills she has learned. +++++13-year old Noel considers herself a happy teenager.She has many likes, including cooking, horseback riding and drawing.But for Noel, happily ever after won’t be complete until she has a family to call her own.Joy Hollowell recently caught up with the teenager at Dino’s Pizza in Brewer.===========”And what is your name?” asks magician Danny Baker.”Noel.””noel?” asks Baker. “That’s a pretty cool name. Is that a Christmas name?””yeah,” answers Noel, “I’m a Christmas Eve baby.””You’re a Christmas Eve baby,” answers Baker, “Cool. So how old are you?”13,” answers Noel.”13?” asks Baker. “You know that’s exactly how old I was when I was 13.”Magician Danny Baker was full of one liners and double takes at Dino’s Pizza in Brewer recently. He entertained Noel and her two younger brothers, Jeff and Jonathan, with all kinds of tricks, including this one.”A bag of beads, my little magic wand.Put the beads in the bowlMagic wand and beads, here we go.This is when we do the shake (everyone starts shaking)Say eenie, meenie, chilli beenie. I’ve watched too much Bullwinkle.(Baker pulls necklance out of bowl and gives to Noel)”Noel says she likes dressing up in jewelry and other girly things. She also enjoys art, especially scrapbooking.”I’m very creative and I love to draw,” says Noel.And, she also loves to bake, especially desserts.”I like to cook special little treats for parties and stuff.”Noel tells me she enjoys making other people happy, because that’s how she feels most of the time.”I love to smile,” she says, grinning ear to ear.Noel says Christianity is an important aspect in her life, and she’d like to find a family that supports that. “I’d like to have a little sister, but if that’s not possible, that’s OK,” explains the teenager.She’d also like to stay in contact with her two biological siblings. Noel says she’d love two parents or just one, as long as she has a family to call her own.”I think it’s important for everyone to have a family. Everyone, because it’s not right for them not to,” says Noel.=====If you have room in your heart to adopt or become a foster parent, please contact A Family for Me at 1-877-505-0545 or you can log onto www.afamilyforme.orgAnd, if you’d like more information on Danny Baker, you can email him at [email protected]