Rockland Students Provide Transportation To Less Fortunate 

A group of students from rockland high school are spending part of their April vacation helping to provide transportation to residents of a local homeless shelter.Here at the Youthlink outreach program in rockland students are learning all about repairing bicycles as well as giving back to their community. It’s all part of the Bike Rehab Project. Scott Browning is the manager of the program. “We’ve had a great outpouring from the community as far as people that have bikes to donate,” says Browning, “at this point we’re still taking bikes that need minor fixes.” The repaired bikes are sent to the Hospitality House, a homeless shelter in Rockport, where the residents use them to get around town and back and forth to work. The students involved are fulfilling their community service requirements for school. As a senior Patric Mank must do 20 hours of community service. “I don’t know of anything else I’d want to do for community service,” says Mank, “this is a blast! Working on bikes getting your hands a little greasy, it’s good.”Browning says the students are learning valuable lessons. “The kids are learning a lot,” he says, “one they’re learning about community service and learning about giving back to their community and two they’re learning how to fix a bike. The mechanics of it, believe it or not the trigonometry of trueing the wheel and that sort of thing.”Local businesses have also gotten involved. Chris Christy, owner of BikesenJava in Rockland, is volunteering his time to help teach the kids about basic bike repair. “They’re great. I mean these kids have so much passion. They’re fun, they’re laughing, yet at the same timethey’re super eager to learn.”The students say nothing beats the feeling they get from helping out those a little less fortunate. “The sense of accomplishment of knowing someone can use something you have done work on is a good feeling definitely,” says Mank.