Texting Becoming Increasingly Popular 

Phone conversations might soon be taking a back seat to another form of communication: texting.The folks at U.S. Cellular say that customer text messaging has almost caught up with the amount of time they spend making calls. In fact, it’s estimated Americans send 5 billion text messages each day.Jammie Pearson says texting is an important part of her life as a real estate agent in Bangor and the owner of an event planning company.She says her phone is always with her, and she averages about 75 text messages a day. “I can literally put together contract on my phone never have to answer it and still be in a meeting and pay attention to things I need to do.”Sean Griffith, Area Sales Manager at U.S. Cellular says, “Historically the teen demographic was the biggest users of texting. Now we’re really seeing that throughout all age demographics and a real specific increase in our business users.”Still, teenagers are believed to be the biggest texters. A trade group for the wireless industry estimates that each teen sends nearly 2,000 text messages each month.