Lagrange Fire 

Even with a quick response from fire crews.A couple in Lagrange have lost almost everything in a fire.Meghan Hayward has the story.” I put wood in the wood stove and I sat down to have a cup of coffee and I looked over and I saw smoke and then there was fire.”Gayle Milian and Willard Knights say fire crews were at their home on Brimstone Lane in Lagrange about ten minutes after they placed the call.They were able to get out safely, along with all their pets.” Three dogs and 6 cats.”Lagrange Fire Chief Roger Stanley says he believes the wood stove is what caused the fire.” We did some checking and the elbow on the bottom where it came out of the woodstove, water had gotten down in it and rusted and rotted out and that’s where the fire started.”Stanley says the house is a total loss.” The stove is on one end of the trailer. When they came out the other end of the trailer it had made kind of a funnel and funneled right down the hallway. When we came there was fire coming from everywhere.”The homeowners did not have insurance.” We’re getting a trailer brought in. A small one just to sleep in tonight and just go from there. The Red Cross is going to help.”