Explorer’s Daughter Speaks to Children in Bangor 

Some local students spent their vacation day Tuesday visiting countries all around the world. It’s thanks to the daughter of a National Geographic photographer, who shared some of her father’s travels with them at the Bangor Public Library.Mari Abercrombie says there’s adventure around every corner, and she should know. Her father, Thomas J. Abercrombie, was a National Geographic photographer and writer for 40 years. He traveled to many corners of the globe. Now she’s sharing his stories with another generation.”I spoke with the children about the Motilone tribe in Venezuela, dad’s diving experience with Jacques Cousteau, the finding of the Wabar meteorite in Saudi Arabia’s Empty Quarter,” Abercrombie says.She hopes to show students that it’s everyday people who grow up, and go far.”By doing a little homework, and doing a little extra work to get to the places, the things you’ll discover and how it will open up your life, it’s really inspiring,” she says.That’s why Naomi Freedberg brought her children to hear Abercrombie speak. “I want them to know that there’s a world far bigger than what we experience here,” Freedberg says.Some students told us they loved hearing about far-away palaces. Some liked the deserts. Many enjoyed just hearing about how other people live.”A lot of people don’t have to have electricity, they can do stuff all by hand.””They made cloth and it’s really interesting and fascinating of how they made it just from wood from trees.”Abercrombie lives in Maine. She’s now putting together a book of her parents’ many stories, including those never published.Tuesday, she left the students with this message.”All of you can do all those adventures too. My mother had no idea when she was a little girl, and my father was little, that they would travel the world and do all those things. So maybe one day, you guys will be the ones telling the stories.”