Brownfield Committee Meets In Ellsworth 

So far, so good for the Brownfield project according to the Hancock County planning board. The federally funded program helps potential property owners in Hancock County identify environmental risks before they invest. Glen Daukas, who works on the Brownfield Project, calls it economic development through environmental clean up. “But the idea is to quantify those risks,” says Daukas, “get them back into the economy, create some jobs, create some housing, green space what have you but bring it back into a beneficial reuse for the town or the property owners.”The steering committee met in Ellsworth to discuss property in Brooksville and Stonington as potential Brownfield sites. The criteria for a site is an area that can be economically viable but may or may not have some environmental risks. “We have money available to identify and quantify those risks, if any, so that it’s not unknown anymore and you can put it into the equation as far as economic your economic model for whatever you want to do with the property,” Daukas says.Gordon’s Wharf in Sullivan is an example of what the project can do. Town officials wanted to buy the property but they were concerned about possible environmental risks. “In fact there was no reason to be concerned,” says Daukas, “the property was transferred. It’s creating I believe waterfront access.” Tom Martin is the Executive Director of the Hancock County planning board and says the project is going well so far. “Well we’re very pleased,” says Martin, “we’ve got the site at Gordon’s Wharf and the 2 sites in ellsworth. It’s a great step forward.”