Photojournalist Speaks About Trade Policy 

The loss of manufacturing jobs in Maine can be blamed on current U.S. trade policy. That’s the message photojournalist David Bacon was sharing at the University of Maine Monday.Bacon says current trade policy has been devastating to American blue collar workers. He also believes it can be linked to our immigration problems, forcing millions of Mexicans and Central Americans to come to America to support their families.Bacon is urging people to support a bill introduced in congress by Congressman Mike Michaud. The TRADE Act is endorsed by more than a dozen fair trade groups and more than a hundred other Representatives. “That would begin to address this problem of forcing people into migration by essentially stopping NAFTA and CAFTA from doing the things that it’s done that both rob jobs from people here in the U.S. But also put people into poverty in countries like Mexico.”Bacon has written several books. His latest is called Illegal People: How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants.