Open House for Prospective UMaine Students 

A rough economy, proposed budget cuts that would eliminate programs and majors, those are topics UMaine has to face when looking for prospective students.But at the annual open house at the Orono campus, high schoolers were showing up by the hundreds.The turnout surprised even the UMaine administrators, like Senior Associate Director of New Student Relations Liz Downing. ” LIke I say the largest we’ve ever had so we’re looking for, hoping to have a large incoming class and so we’ll see. We’ve got and orientation that comes in June. That’s the final look and there are two weekends, that we have the students that are coming that are accepted and so we’ve already had a young lady from California sign up for our orientation so we’re excited about that.”Because of the more than fourteen hundred prospective students that signed up to take part in the open house, the University had all hands on deck to make sure they were welcomed to campus.”We have a cast of thousands, three groups in particular, the student ambassadors who run orientation, the tele-counselors who call the students and also our Dirigo tour guides so they’re the ones giving the tours and doing a lot of the sessions,” said Downing. “But all the faculty are helping, associate Deans, Deans are giving programs, staff all around campus, everyone from housing to residential life and admissions and financial aid.”The students came from all over to visit the campus and see what it had to offer.” We took a tour of the campus, got to see what it was like, daily lifestyle sore of thing and took a tour of the engineering building and saw what the classes and labs would look like, met some students and professors so it seems real nice,” said Kennebunk’s Tyler Panting. “I mean we’re definitely interested in it.”” It’s good cause then you can just go visit home whenever you want to and get a good education here,” said Drew McLean of Kennebunk. “And drive home if you miss it.”