Bradford Fire Officials to Resign 

The fire chief and two other senior fire officials in Bradford are stepping down. It comes after what the chief calls “communication issues” with the town’s selectmen.Lieutenant George Ouelette says issues that have been brewing for months between the Bradford Fire Department and the town’s selectmen have finally boiled over.”Our chief, Scott DeMoranville, our assistant chief, Tom Kirlin, and our ex-chief, Carlene Oakes who is a firefighter here, have all turned in their resignation to us,” Oulette says.Chief Scott DeMoranville declined an on-camera interview but tells us he’s leaving out of frustration. Among other issues, a new procedure was put in place recently charging the town’s selectmen with overseeing his department’s expenditures– which he says prevents him from doing his job efficiently.”In the selectmen’s meeting there’s been a lot of tension, a lot of animosity between some people and it kind of has just boiled and boiled. There’s a lot of anger and there’s a lot of power struggles,” Ouelette says.”I was shocked. To think that three of our most senior members could leave– they’re dedicated to this. To consider this, there must be something really, really major going on. They’re not people who take their duties lightly,” says Bradford resident, Diane McDonough.First selectmen Bruce Bailey says he’s sorry to see the fire officials leave but tells us economic issues are to blame for the new procedures. Several selectmen we spoke to Monday declined to appear on-camera, but they tell us the communication problems aren’t on their side.Ouelette says while he understands why the officials are leaving, it still won’t be easy for the department.”Really it’s a detriment to our town, that’s what’s happening,” he says, “we’re losing a ton, most of our experience, especially in fire ground operations. And we’re losing that and to lose it all in one fell swoop is really, really going to hurt us.”The fire officials are expected to formally resign at a selectmen’s meeting at the town hall in Bradford at 6 p.m. Monday night.