Bangor Students Head for China 

10 students from the Chinese School in Bangor are going to practice what they’ve learned in the real world. And they are heading to China to do so.Students were at the airport Saturday getting ready to board the plane to China where they will be making their first stop in Shanghai and finish in Bejing with a few stops in between before heading home. They will be in China for about 10 days. This is the first trip where younger children will be going along.11-year-old Katie Gardella is one student going on the trip, she says she’s excited to see all of the sights while there. “We’re going to see a section of the great wall we’re going to see the tara carta warriors, we’re going to have a banquet, there’s a lot of things,” Katie told TV5 at the airport.It’s about a 14 hour flight to China. While there, the students will be donating funds they raised to aid those effected by the recent earthquake.