Crowd Gathers For Orono Bike Swap 

Bicyclists of all ages gathered in Orono today for the 3rd annual great orono bike swap. Hundreds of bikes were up for grabs at affordable prices. It was the Great Orono Bike Swap put on by the Bicycle Coalition of Maine. The Orono police department collects lost and stolen bicycles and if they remain unclimed for one year they get sent to here. People from all over the state also brought in their old bikes.(allison vogt – executive director is the Executive Director of The Bicycle Coalition of Maine. “The bike swap is about getting more bikes in the hands of more people in Maine,” she says, “people who want to sell their bikes brought their bikes this morning. We take them, we help them price them and we put them out on the floor and at 9:00 the doors opened and a line was forming outside and within about 35 minutes 60-70% of the bikes were gone so it was very successful.”Organizers say the event gets better every year. “This is the third year we’ve had the event in Orono and each year we’ve seen more attendance and more bikes.”Will Morrison of Belfast found a buyer for his old bike. Morrison sold it to Duncan Girard who’s close to the same age as he was when he first got the bike. “Well I think my mom originally bought two identical bikes, one for me and one for my brother,” says Morrison, “we must have been probably a little younger than this guy duncan. I rode it until it wouldn’t fit me anymore until the seat post was coming right over the frame.”Girard was certainly happy with his purchase. “I think it’s really cool and i’m really excited to bring it home.”The folks at the Bicycle Coalition of Maine say making bikes affordable for kids and adults is just the first step toward accomplishing their goal.”The bicycle coalition our goal is to make maine a better place to bike and part of that is making roads and streets and paths better,” says Vogt, “but part of it is just giving access to bicycles and that’s really what this is all about. It compliments the education programs that we run that teach people how to bicycle safely and the other part of the equation is getting them bikes.”