Less Than 24 Hours to Kenduskaeg Canoe and Kayak Race 

This is Six Mile Falls. It’s six miles from downtown Bangor and the end of the race. It’s also about ten miles of flatwater from the start. It’ll be hard work without much current pushing you.Bob Martin and Eric Taylor ran the last 6 miles today.”I think the water level is dropping its do able dodge a lot of rocks nice day today hoping for the same tomorrow.””Yeah, you have to deal with what the river gives you and now low water like last year still also of fun we left some paint on the rocks we’ll see a lot of colorful rocks tomorrow. Still a good time looking forward to it.”Pat Kincaid of Corinth was running shopping cart near downtown today. “I did shopping cart and it dumped me twice.””A little further upstream Karen Francoeur was putting in with Anthony Coprdega and Melanie Isreal at Bullseye bridge. “Its definitely not much water but that makes it interesting you really have to pick your line wassa scout the river so they know where they’re going not a lot of choices but definitely water running over the drops.”Karen will join us on the broadcast tomorrow morning. Once again coverage of the 44th Kenduskeag race starts at 10:00 tomorrow morning here on TV 5.At 6 mile falls, Tim Throckmorton WABI TV 5 Sports.