Dr. David Prescott Receives “Caring About Lives in Maine Award” 

Dr. David Prescott is the Director of Performance Improvement at the Acadia Hospital. He writes a Mental Health Matters column, appears on healthy living, and is an active member of suicide prevention programs. It was a column on suicide prevention written in 2009 and published in a weekly newspaper that earned him one of the first “Caring About Lives in Maine Award.” The award was given to him in Augusta by the Maine Youth Suicide Prevention Program. When Prescott first got involved in these prevention efforts, Maine had a higher rate of teen suicide than the national average. he says, “Maybe 6 out of 8 years back, Maine realized we were higher then average, so several groups came together to try to figure out a way to address this on an ongoing basis.” He plans to continue working with preventive programs, as this is an ongoing problem. Prescott says it’s an honor to be recognized for his contributions to this prevention effort.