Womans Allergy Changes Some Dexter Businesses 

A Dexter woman has changed her daily routine because of a latex allergy.Now she’s trying to educate more people about the allergy and what can be done to prevent folks having reactions.Krystle Ahern was 17 when she became aware of her severe allergy to latex.She says she’s had too many reactions to count.Ahern says every time she walks out of her home, she’s taking a big risk.There is a lot of hand washing in her house, she even has to be careful about touching her kids because they could cause an allergic reaction.Ahern has convinced some local businesses, including Rent-A-Center in Dexter, to not use latex balloons.She is also trying to educate the public through a facebook page.Ahern says there are alternatives. Restaurants could switch to vinyl gloves and companies could use mylar or plastic balloons.